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Solo Exhibition

Press Release

Solo Exhibition: FATHERLAND

Fine artist Emily Jane Campbell opens her first solo exhibition with a Private View from 6pm on Friday 11thMarch 2016 at Geddes Gallery in London. 

Campbell’s show, which is supported by a bursary award from Cass Art, London, will see the culmination of almost two years work further exploring the increasingly central themes of memory, childhood and decay as she negotiates loss in her personal life. Her oil and mixed-media work incorporates a variety of materials including handmade paper, gold leaf and organic plant matter.

The exhibition will be held at Geddes Gallery, previously the Italian deli, K. C. Continental, which is a pop up gallery currently located in a building in Kings Cross that displays so many years of history in its peeling walls and abandoned furniture. The fascinating and unique space is something of a spiritual home for Campbell’s work as it has the feeling of holding memories in its brickwork, perfectly reflecting her themes.

“My work has become increasingly preoccupied with the dichotomy of life and decay as inseparable, as one and the same. For a lot of life the destruction of one thing is necessary for the growth and renewal of another. In this way both tragedy and beauty can be found in decay.” says Campbell “I am interested in the way that we dwell in our carefully constructed interior world; we cling to the past, our childhood, our innocence and the comfort of idyllic, dream-like memories as a denial of the inevitability of loss and degeneration. We never quite accept that it’s over, lost forever to time, and we are alone now, not safe, not at home.”